Vormittagsspuk (1928)

Ghost Before Breakfast was produced for the International Music Festival at Baden-Baden with a score by Paul Hindemith. The film came out in 1927-1928, so it was conducted from a rolling score. But the Nazi regime saw this film as a form of degenerative art, so it destroyed the sound version.
Hats flying, guys with suits climbing ladders, etc. It's a very rhythmical story of the rebellion of everyday objects against daily routine.

Ghost Before Breakfast is different from previous films by Richter. For the first time, he makes a narrative film characterized by a subtly absurd humour, instead of attempting to make music through images. However, there is a great rhythm to this film: cut outs and the repetition of actions give to this film order and chaos.
This short is also considered a lesson in stop-motion cinema for its many interesting special effects and inventive visual tricks, although the animation of the hats did not succeed.


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