E.S.U. 8

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James said...

You should really focus more on international comics. This is a big hole in your blog, because the rest of your posts are informative and definitely show competence. What gives?

All the strips you posted so far are painfully unfunny. This series is especially disappointing. It shows no originality, bad doodlish art, and the jokes are terrible. (well, it can be used as bad example though!)

Perhaps the jokes are funny for italians, but I guess that would explain why I never saw a singel italian comic published in the US or Canada.

It is clear that you want to appeal to international readers. So you should select strips with a more international or at least intelligent humor.

Just my two cents. Nice blog, though.

mella said...

Dear James, I've already selected International Webcomics. You can read an international webcomic on Tuesday.

I find the strip I posted funny, but it's possible they're funnier for Italians... However I can tell you some Italian comics have been issued in the US and Italian cartoonist have worked for DC, Image, Dark Horse and Marvel!

Thanks for your feedback!
Feel free to write me again,
Marco M.