Drink (2001)

Patrick Smith made his directorial debut in the stylistic MTV animated series “Down-town”. He went on to direct several seasons of the popular series “Daria”. Currently, Smith is working full time on independent films. In 2000, the New York-based Smith made his filmmaking debut with the animated short, Drink, which drew worldwide acclaim and was subsequently featured in more than 70 international film festivals.
He simply wanted to draw something cool, something that would express a simple idea and would look rad.

In this animated film, a boy discovers a magic potion that allows him to explore the universe within himself. A sip unleashes a violent reaction, revealing a diverse cast of characters twisting and stretching their way out of one another forming a monumental pile. The boy drinks for a second time which violently transforms him again, creating a torrent even more twisted than the first, but this time in reverse order.
Smith's animations are brilliant and stylized. Drink is a very rare example of a hand-drawn film, which depicts the frighteningly physical process of transformation.
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