Sortie D'Usine (1895)

According to many critics and film buffs, the first viewing of Sortie d' Usine takes it rightful place as the biggest shock in movie history: the audience was caught completely off guard and were absolutely dumbstruck. They didn't think that the picture would move!
The first film audiences did not demand to be told stories but found infinite fascination in the mere recording and reproduction of the movement of animate and inanimate objects.

I doubt a modern audience could fully understand the beauty of Leaving the Lumière Factory: what fascinated audiences wasn't the depiction of riveting events but what went on behind the scene.
You'll find yourselves flying into the screen, pulled by the movement of the doors of factory. Two doorways open themselves slightly. And at each moment we cannot be certain what will happen next but we're involved in a process of a spatial change, the opening of the doors.
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