L'Enfant de la haute (2001)

In a village surrounded by the sea, a little girl lives dreaming from one day to the next. Suddenly, she thinks she has discovered something ...
This seven-minute short film was made as a graduation project at the Supinfocom (School for Infography and Multimedia in Valenciennes, France) and it has been selected at the Cannes Film Festival, at the Hiroshima Festival and at the Amnecy Festival.

The scenario was inspired by the novel L'Enfant de la Haute Mer by Jules Supervielle. Every stage of the realization (scenario, storyboard, animation and sound) was executed by the group. The artistic group worked mostly with the lighting and in the rendering process to merge 3D and 2D. All the textures attached to 3D objects are watercolored and they are very expressive in order to convey the emotions and to come to an agreement about the atmosphere and style of the film.
This little movie doesn't seem to have a real story to tell but it is more like a poem...I find it really inspiring. I can't tell you if it's a dream or if the girl lives in the land of the dead but it's very touching because she reflects the typical human condition of our society: alienation.

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Anonymous said...

The girl of the high tide. Who is she? Was she the sole survivor of a tragedy, a pestilence perhaps? Or was she left behind by accident? Is she a ghost among the living? In any case, she seems content with her lot as she writes and waits for someone to arrive or something to happen. And aren't we each and everyone of us alone on this overcrowded planet? And aren't we all waiting for someone to arrive: Mr.Mrs. Right, a new president, Godot etc. etc. or something to happen: a miracle, true love, a new job, etc. etc. which will change our lives or give it a new meaning?