Collision (2005)

Collision seems to be an abstract reflection on the clash of cultures which forcibly merges American quilts and Islamic patterns into beautiful kaleidoscopic scenes. I'm not sure this film is an original depiction of aesthetics into politics or an abstract satire based on the geometry of flags. Why couldn't it simply be a film about RGB, the three video color channels red, green and blue?
For an American audience, particularly, the sound cues must really help identify which culture the shapes and colors represent. Many Americans will only interpret this short as a disturbing yet potent piece of abstract political filmmaking. Personally I enjoy Max Hattler's film for its aesthetic quality.

The colours work well as do the sounds effects. The transitional movements into different shapes remind me of Oscar Fischinger's works. I can also see motifs of Islamic art in the patterns. The sound might be a collision but the video ends with the ambiguous sound of fireworks, which can either be destructive or celebratory. In the end the colors smash together into a manic color wheel of harmony. Thus this work can be interpreted in a radical number of ways.

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