Komposition in blau (1935)

Colorful geometric figures are set in rhythmic motion. Choreographic cubes, cylinders and columns participate in an exuberant ballet that recalls the patterns created by Busby Berkeley. Within a deep blue environment, one red cube slowly drifts on a reflecting floor. Suddenly there are multiple red cubes drifting and dancing in various formations.

In Komposition in Blau there is a continuing interest in eastern mysticism and western hermetic thought. Fischinger focused the romantic drama in his compositions on mystical, contemplative and speculative-scientific icons, filling his films with non-objective figurations.
Fischinger used tight synchronization between his visual and musical soundtracks as a helpful analogy for audiences who were still somewhat astonished by abstract art. His films became widely misinterpreted as illustrations of music.
Komposition in Blau won a prize in Venice and brought him international fame.
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interesting...reminds me of fantasia.

mella said...

Hi, you're right. In fact Oskar Fischinger's best-known work is his sequence in Walt Disney's Fantasia, set to Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

duvet-dayz said...

great find - a beautiful example of visual music

Anonymous said...

You're right Mella, too. But you ought add that Fischinger was so furious when his abstract shapes were turned into half-seen violin bows and stylized mountain peaks for Fantasia.

Anonymous said...

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