Triangle (1994)

Triangle is a a very conceptual and exotic kind of short animated film in which Erica Russell combined Charlie Hart's African and Brazilian sound track with western drawing. The artist uses pencil, brush painting, chalk, cut paper and air-brush. The drawing is influenced by African art, too.
The passions of young lovers and another woman are expressed throught paint and dance. The triangle shape appears and wrap itself around the female's body and dances with the male. It makes powerful use of music and artwork styles that range from classical drawing to pure abstraction.

The human figures are highly stylised and beautifully simplified. The entire film is based on the stream of movement, derived from three human figures against neutral backgrounds. There's a complex inter-relationships between the geometrical patterns on the screen, and the symmetries of colours Rusell uses.
For its abstract exploration of colour and rhythm, Triangle established Russel's reputation as a natural successor to Len Lye. Russell transforms color, movement and music into a pure sensory experience: the swirling and transforming images of Triangle provided the most compelling images in its rhythmic flow depicting a love triangle.
This animated film was nominated for an Oscar in 1995. In 1996 it received the British Animation Award for Best Film under 15 minutes and also a special award for her contributions to the Craft of Animation.

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