Un Homme de tetes (1898)

The earliest of Melies's early films were only one to three minutes long each & made every effort to make their entire point in the shortest amount of time possible.
Widely regarded as a miniature masterpiece of the silent era, Un homme de têtes is a short comic film which bubbles with wit and energy; this short demonstrats already Georges Méliès’ extraordinary talent as both a performer and filmmaker.
The skill of Méliès’ performance and technical wizardry are pure cinematic magic.

Less than two minutes long, in Un Homme de tetes Georges Melies appears before the audience, with his head in its proper place. He then removes his head and throwing it in the air, it appears on the table opposite another head and both detached heads sing in unison. The conjurer then removes it a third time. You then see all three of his heads, which are exact duplicates, upon the table at one time, while the conjurer again stands before the audience with his head perfectly intact, singing in unison with the three heads upon the table. He closes the picture by bowing himself from the stage.
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