Fehérlófia (1981)

Can a film be experimental, pop-art, fairy-talish and mainstream at the same time?
Son of the White Mare is all these things and it was also voted as one of the 50 greatest pieces of animation by a group of LA film critics.
A great deal of Jankovics' works are base on folklore and mythology. The plot has been mixed together from folktales of middle and eastern Europe. The respect for folk traditions makes a surprisingly coherent and unbelievably powerful whole. The film uses an original story developed from a collage of common fairy tale themes to create an exciting adventure filled with trials, courage and romance.

Following the demise of his equestrian mother, the son of the White Mare embarks upon a magical journey through far away lands. Witness him befriend his faithful servants Stonecrumbler, Treeripper and Ironmolder, deliver a well-deserved beating to a diabolical little goblin and take a ride on the wings of a mother griffin.
The design is radical and subversive but always functional. Jankovics makes the movement a primary aspect of the design. Every element is synthesized into a cohesive whole: a total composition in motion, which allows the filmaker to approach the idea of animation as a visual equivalent to music, with references to melody, rhythm and harmony working in a non-literal evocation of ideas and feelings.
The folk art is filtered through the sensibility of psychedelic poster design and combined with art deco and art nouveau.


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