Terminus (2007)

Trevor Cawood was born in Regina. He began his career working as a visual-effects supervisor and commercial director. Terminus (2007) is his first film. This short is a dark comedy about the self-destructive nature of the human mind and the dangers of urban isolation. It employs a sharp deadpan sensibility and a stylized dystopic world to evoke our universal anxieties.
Soaked in Seventies concrete modernism and making brilliant use of computer generated graphics, Terminus brings urban angst vividly to life.

After inadvertently offending a strange entity that accosts him on his way to work, a 1970's businessman quickly finds himself in the midst of a bizarre predicament. A colossus made of concrete pilings follows a lonely man throughout the city tormenting him as he goes about his daily life on the subway, at the doctor's office and elsewhere. What follows is a rapid descent into madness, a journey both eerie and darkly humorous. All the while, a strong, foreboding sense of mental anxiety builds as the man is ultimately driven to extreme ends.
The exact nature of the businessman's tormentor is purposefully ambiguous, lending itself to a variety of interpretations. Is "Terminus" a surreal critique of human alienation in the modern urban environment or is the protagonist's struggle an internal one, his mysterious stalker a manifestation of his repressed subconscious mind? Either way, it's a deceptively simple story but the thought behind this short is very complex on every level.


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