Tim Tom (2003)

Romain Segaud codirected his first film, Tim Tom, with Christel Pougeoise, as graduating project at SupInfoCom.
Tim and Tom are two little men (whose faces are in fact notepads!) trying to keep in touch with each other. But the Creator, a giant omnipotent hand, tries very hard to interfere with this. To succeed in their quest, they must face more severe perils!
The plot is clever, full of intentional references to animation. Tim Tom is, in fact, a homage to the cartoon film, with touches from the Thaumatrope, the studio Aardman and the influences of Tex Avery. Segaud's inspiration for the film came also from Georges Méliès, Norman McLaren George Pal and Ian Svankmayer.

This short film boasts excellent timing and character animation. The characters designs are very simple and the animation is simply perfect. The film is funny but also complex because it exhibits multiple layers of meaning: it manages to mimic a stop motion/puppet like feel and to explore the boundless world of 3d animation.
This is a high class and self-referential movie, where the heading titles are strictly correlated with the ending. An exceptional aesthetic and a technical quality gives originality to this 3d short film, which won the Grand prix des Imagina Awards 2003.

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