Hardwood (2004)

The Academy Award nominated Hardwood is a personal journey by director Hubert Davis, the son of former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, who explores how his father's decisions affected his life and those of his extended family. Mel Davis, now a coach for young basketball players in Vancouver, recalls falling in love at first sight with Hubert's mother, a white woman, at a time when racism seemed to make their union impossible. Despite their emotional bond, still resonating over 20 years later, Mel chose to marry a black woman, with whom he also had a son.

Elegantly structured into three chapters entitled "love," "recollection" and "redemption," Hubert Davis uses personal interviews, archival footage and home movies to delve into his father's past in the hope of finding a new direction for his own. He unites both sides of his family, speaking movingly about the complex web of love, betrayal and family ties that bind them all. This is a very touching and emotional story of mending relationships and unconditional family love.
Hardwood is about the healing power of redemption and the bonds between fathers and sons. This film is a heart-wrenching look at the socioal and emotional impact of fatherless families and the absentee African - American father.
This film is also important for African - American studies, multicultural studies, psychology and sociology.

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