Hokusai - An Animated Sketchbook (1978)

This award winning short film was written, directed and animated by Tony White who is known for his versatility and range of styles, way back in 1978. His career includes twenty years at Animus Productions/Entertainments as president and founder, seven years at Richard Williams Animation Limited as personal assistant to Richard Williams on A Christmas Carol (Academy Award), five years at Halas and Batchelor as Head of Design, Director, Designer, Animator of numerous projects such as the animated tv series Jackson Five and Tomfoolery, various commercials and short films.

The film brings to life the worlds of Japanese ukiyo master, Katsushika Hokusai (best known for his iconic The Great Wave). Hokusai's work is so pervasive in Japanese culture that you can still see it influencing today's artists.
This short British film is a wonderful overview of the artist's life and work and also his philosophy about art. White has used 60 Hokusai prints to animate this wonderful tribute to the artist who called himself the old man mad about drawing.
It deservedly won the BAFTA award in 1979 in the Best Short Factual Film category.

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