Contraband Chapter 1

A near-future tale revealing an all-too-possibly-real world of underground video, violence and crime on cell phone networks, Contraband follows a young man's journey into a new "voyeur underground", where profit-hungry youths prowl streets secretly filming radical events with mobile devices to satisfy society's demand for sensational on-the-go content.
It's an Orwellian Graphic Novel: the use/misuse of camera phones, loss of privacy and the boom in the spy cam industry that this generates. It reveals how our life going to be in the next few years!

Contraband is a 144 page graphic novel written by Thomas Behe and illustrated by Phil Elliott. Published by SLG Publishing.

Canadian writer TJ Behe has twelve years experience developing wireless content for global entertainment companies including BBC, Playboy, MTV and T-Mobile.

UK Artist Phil Elliott ’s graphic novels include Illegal Alien (Dark Horse) and Tupelo (Slave Labor) and he has over 20 years experience working with publishers including Marvel, DC, Image and Fantagraphics.

Inker & Toner Ian Sharman and Cherie Donovan are active professionals in the UK comic scene currently developing sequential titles at Orangutan Comics.

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