Dog Interface (2000)

The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time (TMGLMOAT) is a Radiohead DVD released on December 1, 2004. It is directed and edited by Chris Bran. The film contains all four episodes of TMGLMOAT and features new songs with numerous live videos. It also has animations and interviews with the band.
One of the episodes is The Dog Interface, a short film directed by the acclaimed Juan Pablo Etcheverry. It's pure poetry!

In a futuristic world, human society has been annihilated. People continue to live but they have mutated and even if their knowledge of science and techology continues to grow, they no longer comunicate with each other.
Their life is impersonal, without a soul. Everything, every human life can be "rehealed" artificiously. People don't need anything, they no longer need to be human.
Dog Interface is the most poetic cyberpunk tale I've ever watched!

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Great stuff! Don't miss it!