Trembled Blossom

During the past edition of NY fashion week, Prada presented an incredibile short-film, Trembled Blossoms, during a wonderful party to introduce their new collection. This animated movie captures the essence of Prada's Spring/Summer 2008 Collection.
An army of CGI operatives were enlisted to show Prada's alien morphing from a Lalique-like blossom, through a pastel coloured meadow and into a splendid, seductive glade, where she meets Pan. The fashion element is subtle yet cleverly handled. Directed by the performance artist James Luna, animated by Sight Effects and based on James Jean's Nouveau-esque wallpaper seen in the ad campaign, the film is an ambitious narrative fantasy depicting a nude alien's journey through a magical, illustrated forest.

She begins as a sort of pale neuter alien wearing nothing but PRADA heels and then a mysterious character emerges from the trees and clothes her in the stand-out red and blue check sheath dress from the S/S '08 collection. Next, Pan shows her how tropical fish can be transformed into multi-coloured PRADA handbags in the shimmering pool at the heart of the wood. Clothes and accessories that appear by magic!
Illustrator James Jean has posted some of the concept artwork that he created for Trembled Blossom.


Ian Lumsden said...

A beautiful piece of work, spell-binding. I should get invited to parties like that. Thank you Marco for the treat - I'll write about it in my own way if you don't mind on the Amimation Blog:
Your own blog is a joy to read and so informative. It complements my reviews or mine complements yours or something. Symmetry.

Anonymous said...

you must be crazy
this video was disturbing and ridiculous. loser.

Anonymous said...

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