Cold Mountain (2003)

Directed by Anthony Minghella, this Civil War saga addresses romance, friendship and the ravages of war. Based on the Charles Frazier novel, this is a tale of hope and redemption. Cold Mountain captures the horrors of war for both those fighting it and for those left behind.
It tells the story of a wounded Confederate soldier named Inman (Jude Law) who struggles on a perilous journey to get back home to Cold Mountain, N.C. as well as to Ada (Nicole Kidman), the woman he left behind before going off to fight in the Civil War. We watch as the characters begin to unravel their internal tortures and their need to subdue their isolation, to face their regrets and hope for the future. We can also observe the stages of emotional changes in the characters.
The symbolisms, throughout the film, are plentiful and brilliantly ascribed, allowing the audience to connect the dots to the destiny of the couple. Even crows, clearly suggesting doom and destruction, never fail to demonstrate the dark instincts that trouble a man's soul.

On the way home, Imman meets a long line of interesting and colorful characters, while back at home, Ada is learning the ropes of managing her deceased father's farm with Ruby (Renee Zellweger), a scrappy drifter who assists and teaches Ada along the way.
Cold Mountain is beautifully crafted, assembled and absolutely mesmerizing in all aspects of filmmaking techniques and style and the mountains of the movie title are so amazingly and magnificently captured at different camera angles, from scene to scene.
The film was considered a contender for the Best Picture Academy Award for the year 2003, but failed to garner a nomination, although it did earn the nomination for Best Motion Picture Drama at the Golden Globes. Despite not being nominated for the Best Picture award, the film did manage to pick up seven nominations, and one win for Zellweger as Best Supporting Actress.
If you watch this movie, you'll watch cinema in its purest form!
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Anonymous said...

This is the only movie I ever watched directed by Mighella. I thought it was excellent and saw it twice but everyone says The English Patient is even better.

Anonymous said...

RIP Mighella.