Because, because...

Stefan Leyh .

Selected Exhibitions
2008 »relocated #3«, Filipp Rosbach, Leipzig
2007 »Unter Löwen«, Sächsische Staatskanzlei, Dresden
2006 »im nu«, Dresden
»Grand Ouvert«, Filipp Rosbach, Leipzig
»Il mondo reale«, Laden für Nichts, Leipzig
2005 »624 miles«, Oslo
»Spuk«, Kustodie Leipzig
2003-2007 Jahresausstellungen der HfBK Dresden


Apryl DeLancey said...

Really interesting! Thank you for always pointing out the interesting art!

Anonymous said...

The bunny has exactly what the man is missing: long legs. He hugs the bunny with a very intense look on his face. Is he envious of the bunny? Does he enjoy or does it pain him to watch the bunny leap and jump while he no longer can? Is the bunny real or stuffed? Does the bunny have the use of its legs or is it paralyzed? And why is this photo entitled Because, because..??? The stool on which the man is sitting also puzzles me, because of its crossed legs, I didn't notice at first glance that he lacked legs.

Anonymous said...

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