Making of Son (2007)

From an early age Daniel Mulloy told stories with pictures. Growing up in Brixton, South London, he drew comic stories at school to overcome difficulties with reading and writing. As his facility grew, Mulloy discovered graffiti and painting.
He self-financed his first short film, Dance Floor (2002), about a Nigerian woman who works in a West-End club as a toilet attendant. This short was a surprise success winning film festivals and a BAFTA Film Award for Best Newcomer Wales. Mulloy's second short, Sister (2005), about an adopted boy growing up in the mountains, also won numerous awards including the ARTE Grand Prix and his second BAFTA Award.
Continuing to self-finance his films mainly through the cash prizes they where now winning, Mulloy made his third movie. Antonio's Breakfast (2006), about a teenager who cares for his dying father, premiered at Sundance and is currently on the festival circuit. This film has won over fifteen awards to date including Mulloy's third BAFTA.

The official selection of two of Mulloy's shorts in the International Competition at Clermont-Ferrand in 2006 (the world's highest regarded shorts only festival) made him the second director to achieve this distinction (the other being Thomas Vinterberg).
Dad (2007), Mulloy's fourth film, premiered to much controversy and acclaim at Sundance. The sensitive handling of its subject and the film's intensity have won praise with critics and juries alike and this year it has won Mulloy Best Director Awards from Spain to Japan.
Son (2007), Mulloy's new short film, won the award for Best Narrative Short at Slamdance Film Festival 2008.
A young boy finds himself trapped in an underground theater. His mother is in a tense, possibly abusive, relationship with a mysterious “director.” As the evening’s events unfold and the pair try to find a way out, this suspenseful short will leave you wondering about the connections between these people -- and about what it is that’s really happening.
Daniel Mulloy’s intense short Antonio’s Breakfast screened at Cucalorus in 2006.

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