Perpetuum Mobile (2006)

“Perpetuum Mobile”, a short film produced by Silverspace, written and directed by Raquel García-Ajofrín Virtus and Enrique García Rodríguez, is the first cinematographic project produced and directed entirely by Silverspace. They used Autodesk’s Maya 3D modelling and animation software along with Pixar’s Renderman, and Autodesk Combustion, a compositing software, for colour grading and compositing.

Its plot narrates the life of a young Leonardo Da Vinci and recollects the events that motivated the young genius to dedicate his life to art and science. The film is interesting for its search for the meaning of life.
Perpetuum Mobile has already received 12 award nominations and has won awards at the Independent Film Festival of California, L´Uovo de Napoli, the Las Vegas International Film Festival and the Oregon Da Vinci Film Festival. The film has also been translated into 12 different languages and was shown at SIGGRAPH 2007 and the Sitges Cinema Festival in Catalunya, Spain.

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