The Road

by Joakim Eskildsen. His publications include Nordic Signs (1995), Bluetide (1997), iChickenMoon (1999), which was awarded Best Foreign Title of 2000 in the Photo-Eye Books & Prints Annual Awards, the portfolio al-Madina (2002), which was made in collaboration with Kristoffer Albrecht and Pentti Sammallahti, and the book The Roma Journeys (2007, Steidl).


Le romané phirmimàta, Robert Morat, Hamburg 2008
Le romané phirmimàta, Städtische Galerie, Iserlohn 2008
Roma rejserne, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center 2007
Romska resor, Kulturhuset, Stockholm 2007
Le romané phirimàta, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki 2007
Nordic Signs, Synart Art Gallery, Frankfurt/Main 2006
iChickenMoon, Synart Art Gallery, Frankfurt/Main 2005
iChickenMoon, Galleri Image, Århus 2003
Nordic Signs & iChickenMoon, Galerie Albrecht, Munich 2002 & 2003
Orientation, Städtische Galerie Iserlohn 2003
iChickenMoon, Galerie Pernkopf, Berlin 2002
Requiem & Nordic Signs, Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg 2001
Segni del Nord, ACTA Internazionale, Rome 1999
Bluetide, Galleri INTO, Helsinki 1997
Bluetide, Billedhuset, Copenhagen 1997
Nordic Signs, Center of Photography, Jyväskylä 1997
Nordic Signs, Fotografisk Galleri, Copenhagen 1996
Nordic Signs, Galleri UP, Stockholm 1996 & 1998
Nordic Signs, Laterna Magica, Helsinki 1996
Nordtegn, Galleri Image, Århus 1995
Nordtegn, Museet for Fotokunst, Platformen, Odense 1994

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