Le Mozart des Pickpockets (2006)

Pollet-Villard, who wrote, co-starred and directed this droll tale of two Paris pickpockets, has won the Gallic Audience Prize and the FNAC budding talent award.

Like Philippe Pollet-Villard's other films, this story is of the same kind: tragi-comical. All of the characters in his movies are in difficult situations or trying to escape from them. It is a context which I collocate between social film and large comedy. On the one hand we have authorship film with regard to social themes and on the other we have a comedy which treats stories of couples and other subjects.
Philippe and Richard live off petty scams in the Parisian neighborhood of Barbès. They find themselves responsible for a deaf-mute Romanian child. After trying to get rid of the child, they attempt to make him 'work.' Despite the language barrier, the boy manages to devise his own method of stealing.


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