Cyclone Took My Baby (2002)

Paper Rad is a three collective artist group, comprised of Jessica Ciocci, Jacob Ciocci and Ben Jones. The group's name come from an extension of a weekly alternative comics paper that Jones self-published, Paper Radio.
The song is from Mixel Pixel's first album, Mappyland
Paper Rad has performed at the Whitney Biennial, at the Liverpool Biennial, at the New York City Gallery Deitch Projects, as well as the Tate Britain. Their works include videogames remixes, Flash animation, and open source Web projects.

This artistic group narrates story of our times in a way that isn't filtered through big-media spin or the historical revisionism of academic pundits. Their works are constantly infused with rebellious attitudes and iconoclastic positions. They are part of an art establishment that seems distant to many young people who should be getting inspired by art. Their caleidoscopic imagery is the result of mixing psychedelic images with Op Art and the pop culture with humor!
You can buy Taking out the Trash/Faces in the Trash.

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