Kogepan (こげぱん, Kogepan) is a Japanese character from the company San-X. Kogepan, who lives in a panya (Japanese bakery), is a red bean bread who was accidentally burnt by a careless baker. No one would buy burnt bread or be nice to him, so Kogepan became an outcast with no emotion for others. He runs away from home, gets drunk off milk, smokes, and always says negative things about himself. Disillusioned with life, he roams the bakery making friends and being jealous of other bread items.

The anime series, animated by Studio Pierrot and produced by Pony Canyon, consisted of ten 4-minute shorts, the majority of which introduces simple aspects of the character.
The name comes from kogeru, meaning to burn or char, and pan, a word taken from the Portuguese and meaning bread.
You can download the other episodes, by clicking here.
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