Altavista (2006)

The music video "Altavista", by Slim Kerk & DJ Little Otik, is edited and directed by Termodress. It was filmed at the Lysekloster ruins near Os, Norway in June 2006.
This short film shows us how our world is changing: we have false gods and we live in a world, of which we're slave. I'd like to live far away from urban areas, I'd like to live where no man can find me. Could I live in a similar world? I doubt I could live without the technology of the 21th century.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks a lot for your little article on our music video! Much appreciated!
Some very relevant thoughts along the lines of what we had in mind when we created it - is the internet the new God, our new source of knowledge? Also possibly a reference to nordic mythology: the well of knowledge.
We have also created a music video called "Barnevakten" ("the nanny"), also with computers and the internet as a theme. It's on I'll see if we can upload it on Youtube as well.
Best regards,
Hans Chr. van Nijkerk