The Beholder

by Jose A. Mercado


2008 Minna Gallery, 20×20 January group show

2008 Space Gallery SF, My Vice Group Show

2007 Versus Gallery, Revenge of the Empire group art show

2007 Foundation One Gallery GA, The Grind group art show

2007 Las Vegas NV, GM/Jada Toys Kulture Klash Custom art show

2007 Crewest Gallery, Top Of the Dome 4 group show

2007 Minna Gallery S.F., Fighting for dreams group show

2007 Agesong Gallery S.F., Heavy Hitters group show

2007 Los Angeles Crash Mansion, Panthaland group show

2007 Thinkspace Gallery, ISM Untitled Love Project

2007 OCCCA GALLERY, ISM Untitled Love Project

2007 MF Gallery NYC, Zombies Attack

2007 URB Gallery, Represent,Represent! Tempt One Art Benefit

2007 Crewest Gallery, Canceptual Art show V.2

2007 Lost Souls Cafe, Make Believe group art show

2007 Las Vegas NV, Hit The Deck skateboard show

2006 Crewest Gallery, Top of the dome 2 group show

2006 ISM White Elephant Show

2006 Orange County County Museum of Art, Little Squares Project

2006 Las Vegas Arts Factory, Malicious Vinyl Group Show

2006 Crux Gallery, The Red Show

2005 Fulcrum Records Gallery, Vinyl Show

2005 Crux Gallery, Door Show

2005 Crux Gallery, Group Show

2004 Self Help Graphics, Day of the Dead Celebration Group Show

2004 Coba, Mini Board Group Show

2003 Artistic Insomniacs, Group Show

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Now you know why I'm against genetically-modified vegetables!