Peter and the Wolf (1946)

Before Suzie Templeton, Walt Disney produced an animated version of Peter and the Wolf .
Featuring narration by Sterling Holloway, Peter & the Wolf adds Walt Disney's touch to Prokofiev's masterpiece, telling the story of the brave young boy who takes it upon himself to go out hunting for a dangerous wolf, while accompanied by a bird, a duck, and a cat. Rather than featuring dialogue, each character is voiced by a different musical instrument.
The design of Peter is particularly generic, kind of a mix between Pinocchio and Wendy's brother in Peter Pan. But this 1946 version of Prokofiev's "Musical Fairy-Tale" is probably my favourite of Disney's adaptations, but it isn't my favourite Peter and the Wolf adpatation: I prefer the Suzie Templeton adaptation.
It was released theatrically as a segment in Make Mine Music, then re-issued the following year accompanying a re-issue of Fantasia (as a short subject before the film), then separately on home video in the 1990s.
You can buy Peter & the Wolf.

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