War/Dance (2007)

War/Dance narrates the story of Dominic, Rose and Nancy, three children whose families have been torn apart, their homes destroyed, and who currently reside in a displaced persons camp in Patongo. They're preparing to enter a music competition that offers them a lifeline of hope.
The war stole everything from them, except their music. These children and their families rose above the atrocities of war to achieve greatness within their community and their country. The music made feel them good and helped them to wipe away their pain.

Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine received a call from a non profit organization, Shine Global, about making a film to raise awareness about one of the world's worst child soldier situations in northern Uganda. They accepted to shoot the Uganda children's pain. They blended the history, facts and background as much as they could so they could focus on telling a truly human story in the kids' own voices. "War/Dance" earned the couple the Directing Award at Sundance in January as well as the audience prize for best doc at the Wisconsin Film Festival. And now War/Dance has a nomination at the 80th Academy Award.
This upbeat documentary shows the healing powers of music, song, and dance on these brutalized and traumatized youth. It's astounding how the film showed the resilience of the human spirit in the worst of circumstances. In War/Dance we rediscover the power of traditional art, dance and music.
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