Le Songe d'un garcon de cafe (1910)

The Hasher's Dream in less than a minute & a half shows the surrealistic visions of a man under the influence of alcohol. Hasher, in his delirium, watches beautiful strange events and demons in an enormous moon.
The Hasher's Delirium (Le Songe d'un garcon de cafe, 1910) lends a hint of narrative structure rather than just showing transformations like in his previous shorts.

This short film is influenced by the prevailing art movements of the time. Emile Cohl's works had been associated with a group obsessed with insanity as an aesthetic subject, the Incoherents and with the pre-symbolist newsletter L'Hydropathe. Despite their stick-figure drawings, The Hasher's Delirium shows fluidity of motion, startling perspective animation and strange transformations of objects into one another.
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