The Haze (2008)

Anthony Chen served as a radio presenter, a freelance movie reviewer and has done work as an actor. He directed G-23, which won awards in Korea, France, Belgium, Malaysia and Singapore, and Ah Ma, which was given an award at the 60th Cannes Film Festival.

On a hot, humid day, Singapore is shrouded by the haze caused by a burning forest in neighbouring Indonesia. Two teenagers decide to skip school and idle the day away. An innocent love affair plays out indoors amidst the dust and smoke that spreads outside.
The Haze aims to capture our youthfullness, in all its aspects: rebellion, recklessness, unpretentiousness, ignorance and innocence. First love can be awkward, selfish, beautiful and sinful at the same time.
In these days you can watch this short film at the Berlin Film Festival.

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