The Mermaid (Rusalka, 1997)

This story is about an old monk living with his apprentice near a river. The old man recalls from time to time the old days; how he betrayed his true love and therefore she drowned herself. It's said that a woman, who drowns herself because of lovesickness, will become a mermaid. Her only goal will be to trick young men with her charms and drag them down to the deeps.

The Mermaid is here identified with the mythological Slavic creature the Rusalka, which seeks vengence upon life by tempting and drowning the living.
Russian director Aleksandr Petrov has been nominated for several Oscars for Best Animated Short Film-- for The Cow and The Old Man and The Sea. Each features a style totally unlike any other studio, as Petrov's shorts are like little epic movies and moving tapestries combined. This short movie was painted on glass by using fingers and brushes. The artwork is like a painting that moves in a very fluid style.
You might be interested in Petrov's My Love.

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