Aquarium (2007)

Rob Meyer received his MFA from NYU's Film School and has just completed writing his first feature film, Labrador Duck (the characters of this film are the same as Aquarium). His thesis short, Aquarium, won NYU's prestigious Wasserman Prize, as well as major prizes at film festivals around the world.
At fifteen, David and his two buddies are the youngest members of the Boston Aquarium Society. The three make their way to a monthly meeting but David harbors a secret he is reluctant to share.

This short film is based largely on Meyer's life. He began with the idea of aquarium fish breeding. While he developed the story it begin to deal with more serious themes he was always interested in exploring: the experience of growing up in a world that doesn't like to talk about issues of mortality.
Aquarium is a strange mix of melancholy and humor.
You can watch the trailer

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