Moya Lyubov (My Love, 2006)

Alexander Petrov has employed a hand painted style making use of multiple layers of glass sheets, photographing each frame, then using his fingertips in place of a brush to animate the series of frames. This technique was used on his Oscar winning adaption of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Some time after the completion of the Oscar-winning movie, Petrov returned to his hometown of Yaroslavl in Russia to work on his next film: My Love was finished in Spring 2006 after three years' work.
This film, set in pre-revolutionary Russia, follows the adenture of a boy about to turn 16 as he dreams of and then chases his first love. Anton is attracted to two older women who have totally different personalities. This short movies narrates the genuine emotion of first love, the dizzying romanticism of youth and the torments of the immature heart. The strong narrative, combined with Petrov's elaborations of the boy's subconscious imagery gives the film an outstanding psychological depth and emotional impact. Petrov's ability to explore the mystic sides of the human being's inner life is unique.
Alexander Petrov’s sketches remind one of an animated work by Impressionists if they had made animated films. This film is indisputably a masterpiece. It is visually perfect, the score so neatly integrated that it feels natural. It delicately moves between reality, introspection and dreams without destroying the truthfulness of the story. The continuous blurs and sharps of the image are part of the poetic language of the film.


* 2006—11th Hiroshima International Animation Festival: "Audience Prize" and "Special International Jury Prize"
* 2006—International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film: "FIPRESCI Prize for Best Animation"
* 2006—10th Japan Media Arts Festival: "Excellence Prize"
* 2007—12th Open Russian Festival of Animated Film: "Grand Prix", "Best Direction" and "Best Visuals"
* 2007—Zolotoy Vityaz: "Best Animated Film"
* 2007—Message to Man: "Golden Centuar" (Grand Prix)
* 2007—Melbourne International Animation Festival: "Grand Jury Prize for Best Film", "Jury & Audience Vote" in the program "Hand Painted Panorama"
* 2007—Anima Mundi: Professional Jury Award for "Best Animation"
* 2008—80th Academy Awards:Best Animated Short Film - nomination

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