Cerebus, and after? Glamourpuss!

Don't trust everything you read in the vanity publishing world!
Dave Sim is still active, Dave Sim continues to write comics and he'll continue to write for a long time.
After the 300th number of Cerebus was published, the comic author continues to produce occasional guest work, goes to conventions and regularly attends city council meetings and provides interviews and art for a Texas-based magazine called Following Cerebus. Many thought he would never issue new comics again, but, at the beginning of 2006, Dave Sim began publishing an on-line comic book biography of the Canadian actress Siu Ta titled "Siu Ta, So Far".
Last week, Dave Sim announced an upcoming women's-fashion-related comic called
What can we expect by an author who sparked one of the major controversies in the comic book industry? He had, in fact, expressed views contrary to feminism in issue No. 186 of Cerebus.

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