For Sore Eyes (2006)

by Anders Weberg (1968, Sweden). He works in video, sound, new media and installations.
He's specialized in the expressions that digital technologies provide and his aim is to mix genres and ways of expression in order to explore the potential of visual media.
He lives and works in in the small coastal town of Angelholm in the south of Sweden, and his works are exhibited at numerous art festivals, galleries, and museums internationally.

I already was familiar with this short film when Anders Weberg contacted me. I like the illusion of life behind a woman who is drowning and doesn't fight for breath. It's tragic that we like this short film. Do people like themselves? Do people hate themselves? Perhaps we find the behaviour of this woman courageous.


phoenix said...

This short sends shivers down my spine.I can't swim a stroke and I've always feared death by drowning.I guess that's why I couldn't take my eyes off the eerie sequence.I suppose the fear of death and the unknown is what makes horror films and the "spectacle" of death so fascinating.

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