Shoot (1971)

Chris Burden's reputation as a performance artist started to grow in the early 1970s after he made a series of controversial performances in which the idea of personal danger as artistic expression was central. Burden subjected himself to danger, thereby creating a double bind, for viewers, between the citizenly injunction to intervene in crises and the institutional taboo against touching art works.

His most well-known act is the performance piece Shoot, in which he was shot in his left arm by an assistant from a distance of about five meters.
Many interpretations have been made regarding this piece. Many saw it as a statement about both the war in Vietnam and the American right to bear arms. Films like Full Metal Jacket or Bultets over Broadway exerted a significant influence on the daring of Burden's experimental piece.


TipArt said...

Not everybody is able to protest as he did. But I believe each of us has his/her own way to protest.

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So Chris Burden, a video artist, has someone shoot him in the arm at close range. Oddly, there’s no video evidence of this event. There’s sound, and there are pictures of Chris Burden with a bandage on his arm.