Awesome Storm Justice 41

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Writing: Stephen Offenheim (Ugga Bugga)
Pencils: Todd Diamond (PencilPunx)
Inks: Norman Hardy (Popninja)
Colors: Jorge Rodrigo (KaRzA)
Letters: Amadarwin

Cover pencils and inks: OJH
Cover colors: Garry Henderson ( Mudcat)

Editors: Stephen Offenheim (Ugga Bugga), Dawnsknight and Amadarwin


xlpharmacy said...

I had never seen these super heroes before, they seem like the bizarre superheroes from the Justice League, but that's perfect because I was bored to the same heroes.

Indian Pharmacy said...

This was a really fun project to work on. I have only done a little bit of digitally coloring but it has been a really enjoyable learning curve. Plus if you are going to color something, color something fun and interesting, it makes the whole thing so much more fun.