Private Hungary 1 (1988)

Private Hungary comprises more than 300 hours of home movies and an additional forty hours of interviews with the relatives of the amateur filmmakers who shot the footage.
Peter Forgacs places the original footage in context with images connoting great history and its universally recognizable political and public events. This montage interconnects great and small histories, often based on contrast or on parallel. He uses these devices in order to show both sides of a historical period, or at times simply only the down side, at the same time making the viewer more sensitive to the given period.
For most of the films, Forgacs collaborated with Hungarian minimalist composer Tibor Szemzõ.
His work with music, as well as the archive footage itself lends the footage a sense of urgency it lacked at the time it was filmed.

The first episode of the Private Hungary series tells the Bartos family Saga: a talented amateur filmmaker Zoltán Bartos, a chanson composer and lumber businessman made more than five hours of 9,5m amateur film from the late twenties until the mid sixties. In 1944 the Hungarian “Quisling government” plundered the half Jewish Bartos family. Following the Nazi period, surviving the war in a Forced Jewish Labor unite, Zoltán divorced and remarry. Later the Communists rage the Hungarian citizen's life; in 1949 his plant was nationalized and lost everything again, except his humor.


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It is nice to hear that Hungary has been working in a great project. I can't wait to watch their final product.