The Reflecting Pool (1977)

All movement and change in an otherwise still scene is confined to the reflections on the surface of a pool in the woods. The camera angle of this film never moves. The camera is positioned in the same place for the entirety of the piece, starting from the woods and ending in the woods. Suspended in time, a man hovers in a frozen, midair leap over the water, as subtle techniques of still-framing and multiple keying join disparate layers of time into a single coherent image.

All Bill Viola's pieces concern the emergence of the individual into the natural world like a sort of of baptism. The water is a symbol of life and at the same time an important element in almost all his works. His unbroken reference water also stems from the fact that for decades now, he has drawn inspiration from Taoism, Buddhism and from Greek philosophers.
According to Viola, we cannot grasp our material world with our eyes, because no clear distinction can be made between reality and illusion. Our true identity, as Viola believes, is only visible when it is reflected.
Birth and death, our perception of time and its dissolution, consciousness, conscience and memory.

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