Undersirable Elements (1992)

Undersirable Elements is an on-going series of community-specific works by Ping Chong exploring the effects of history, culture and ethnicity on the lives of individuals in a community. The piece is made through a collaborative workshop process involving Ping Chong and a group of individuals who vary in many ways but share the common experience of having been born in one culture and now being part of another.

Undersirable Elements draws its power from the simple act of naming oneself in public. On one level, Undersirable Elements is an emotionally charged challenge to traditional views of culture and the other; on another level, it is a lyrical expression of the astonishing fact of human similarity, difference and indomitability. Since each individual's experience encompasses that of his or her ancestors and culture, the piece is a journey through the turbulent history of the 20th century from a global perspective.

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