The Great Cognito (1982)

The Great Cognito was the man of a thousand faces, whose vocal impersonations of people were matched by his face transforming into that person as well. He uses a metamorphosing, magical transforming technique as he performs his one-man comedy routine, all while impersonating a cast of thousands as the Generals MacArthur, Patton and Rommel, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Wayne, whose death scene forces the Great Cognito to leave the stage.

Will Vinton’s character animation milestones and pioneering productions have contributed immensely to animation history and he has helped launch the careers of countless other filmmakers in 3D animation productions.
It was the first time the studio produced a caricature of an actual person, but its success ensured it would go on to become yet another one of Vinton's specialties. In years to come the studio would animate everything from Bruce Willis as a frog to Michael Jackson as a raisin, but it found the perfect vehicle for displaying this aspect of its repertoire in its next short film.


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