Henry's Cat

Henry's Cat is a whimsical cartoon series that follows the adventures of a small yellow feline and his friends. Henry's Cat is the typical cat, loving nothing better than to eat and to sleep. He has recently developed a cult following in student circles, possibly due to the similarities in lifestyles led!
Each episode featuring the custard-coloured cat and his friends was narrated by Bob Godfrey and ended with a philosophical thought.
Henry's Cat was the third and probably the best of Godfrey's three key tea-time series. Like Godfrey's other works, this serie reflects his irreverent, humorous approach to life.

Henry's Cat evolved considerably through production of its three series. Series one and two were composed mainly of 5 minute episodes animated using felt pens on white backgrounds, much like Roobarb. There was a theme change between the two series, with Peter Shades' 'music being replaced by a new miow based track from John Hyde.
By the end of that second series, episode lengths had been extended to 15 minutes and, more importantly, Henry and the gang had shifted from felt pens to cel-based animation.
The third series ushered in a whole new production style, presumably to break the American market.
His third series is an extraordinary melting pot of wit and technique. The Godfrey crew expanded to incorporate a bigger writing team and a trace and paint department.
As the series went on, the stories became longer and they changed to suit the American market. Not only that, but the style of the show changed. Gone were the white backgrounds and the rough and ready characters. They were replaced with a more colourful show, with extremely polished characters.
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Ian Lumsden said...

Henry's Cat is a favourite of my family so thanks for the informative background Marco.