Balance (1989)

The film depicts five individuals living on a small platform floating in space. Each man is aware that the platform is not stable and in order not to fall to their deaths, they maintain a careful balance of weight to prevent the platform from tipping too far and causing them all to fall. The group works cooperatively to maintain a balance until one individual pulls a box onto the platform. Since all are curious as to what the box is, the individuals try to check out the box and their actions disrupt the balance of the platform. All but one of the individuals falls off the edges of the platform. In the end, the lone individual must maintain a balance with the box, that is well out of reach.

Originally the band Alphaville commissioned Balance to Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein for inclusion in their 1990 video compilation Songlines.
I guess that the board represents the world and these men, which want to keep this box all to himself, referres to people's possessions and resources, and how if one part of the world takes too much power over resources, then other parts of the world will be effected.
How many time do you ever think that if we shared all resources, all countries would be balanced and we would have no need for concern and worry?
The short is so simple, so creepy and still so real.
Its depiction of the absurdity of doomsday politics is equal parts choreography and Samuel Beckett: only Lauenstein Brother can turn a black comedy into a meditation on human interdependence!

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