Dense (2005)

HC Gilje apply various techniques reflecting a manipulative attention, demonstrating that photography on its own, with lights, shadows and contrasts is able to equally tell the complexity of contemporary condition. Gilje shows sensitivities moulded in the places and time fragmentation, dense in perceptive stimuli and cross-references that, compared to historical avantgardes take advantage of the many sampling combinatorial possibilities.

Dense is a doublesided videoprojection on six vertical strips of half transparent material at different depths in a blackbox space. One projection creates downward movement and the other a movement from side to side, thus creating a video weave on the projection surface where the projections overlap. The audio is generated by the changes in the video, one a dry chirping sound which pans with the horizontal movement of the video, the other is created by the downward movements of the other video, creating a very loud, deep sound resonating in the space. Moving around in the space is like walking inside a videomixer, perception of image and sound changes dramatically as you move inside the installation.
You can buy Cityscape.

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