Strange Invaders (2001)

Cordell Barker is more famous for his previous film The Cat Came Back, but Strange Invaders has a lot of deeper meaning to it than the other shorts.
The structure of film is the same: put a baby instead of a cat, give the story to Barker and you can be sure that gags will come thick and fast!

Roger and Doris live a quiet, comfortable life until one night they are awakened by the arrival of a strange visitor. It's a child--the answer to their dreams! A gift from heaven... or, from much farther away? The strange little thing takes over, wreaking havoc on the entire household. Life, as the couple knew it, is over.

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Mosaic77 said...

A must for anyone(couples or singles)thinking about becoming a parent! After seeing this short,I guarantee that your mind will be made up! Great gags, the expected but unexpected surprise ending, superb animation: what more could you want?