Lifted (2006)

Lifted observes the foibles of a klutzy alien during his training as a human abductor. According to Rydstrom's mother, this short, is partially based on Rydstrom's Driver's Education experiences.
Pixar regularly uses its short films to implement new software plug-ins and techniques. This film implemented a jiggle program (used to animate Mr. B.), wherein an animator can pick a certain section of the computer model, and tap on it to make it resonate.

Rydstrom comes from the world of sound design. Animation is all about rhythm and timing: Rydstrom, in fact, believes that working in sound endowed him with a great sense of timing. Sound is, in fact, really about rhythm. Rhythm helps delineate sound effects, sound tracks, and telling a story with these kind of rhythms is really key. In fact, on Lifted before animation had begun Rydstrom used a temp soundtrack to express the timing that he wanted, so that the animators had some reference of what he was after. It was also a way for Rydstrom to communicate with the animators.
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