Obitateli (1970)

Inhabitants is an impressive reflection on the relationship between wildlife and humans.. About nine minutes long, it's divided into three sections in which Artavazs Peleshian intercuts footage of birds taking flight with huge closeups of caged animals, wet, dark eyes staring straight at the lens; the contrast between freed and incarcerated creatures is striking, dramatic.

The segments of animalography are intercut with shots of people in precarious positions, as the role of man oppressing beast is reversed, with the beast dominating the world. Again distance montage is put brilliantly to use here, the camera’s angle remaining static yet tracking the tide of the flocks. Movement is the sole emotional device, complemented by the score of music and indeterminable animal sounds.
Most of these scenes were filmed by Peleshian and his film crew on location. He connects images together beyond narrative. The separate shots cohere and gain full meaning when the puzzle pieces are in place, and the picture is seen whole
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