The Killing of an Egg (1977)

This is one of my favourite shorts by Paul Driessen.
His unique style remind me of Joanna Quinn's shorts for his delicate quality of his ever morving and wiggling lines, as well as by the fluid but akward movements of his characters.

The film starts with a bald, obese man in a bright yellow shirt preparing to eat breakfast, a soft boiled egg. As he taps the shell with his spoon, an english voice says "Hey, who is it?". Will the voice come from the egg?
You can buy The Dutch Films of Paul Driessen.


Anonymous said...

Simply brilliant!!! Paul Driessen is a ****ing genius!!!

Mosaic77 said...

What a great short! Makes you think about the unforseen consequences of our actions! I may never eat another egg again!

Anonymous said...

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