Hill Farm (1989)

The Hill Farm examines different people and their reaction to the same surroundings and events. The story takes place over three days and follows what happens at a farm , involving the farmers, campers and some hunters who disturb a large bear.
It's by turns humorous and quietly thoughtful in doing this examination.

The film has no dialogue, and relies on animation, sound effects and music.
At first the characters included a group of archaeologists/palaeontologists, but he realized that although he really liked some of the visual stuff they did, they weren’t an essential part of the plot.

Mark Baker took some time to develop this story. He kept coming up with isolated visual ideas and scenes but he couldn’t find a story that would link them all together, then he realized that he could start with a very simple structure and let the characters create the story. He pasted his notes and drawings together in different ways and stripped out elements that didn’t fit.

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Mosaic77 said...

Hill Farm reminds me of Bronzit's Au bout du monde. Both silent flicks entertain us with painfully humorous gags and both employ similar settings: a house on a hill with domestic and\or farm animals.